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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 2010

The Kansas City Vocal Institute has once again had a very successful month and is looking forward to an exciting month of December to complete its first year running.  This month, we will briefly look at what has been happening recently, and we will give you a preview of things to come in 2011.

KCVI has seen incredible growth during the month of November on several fronts.  The Institute has been sponsoring several contests through which will award excellence in singing and in composition.  The participation in these contests has been high and we are excited to award several monetary prizes to the winners.  The semifinalists will be contacted privately, and the winners will be announced January 1, 2011 on and

The Institute has increased its advertising during the month which has spurred enrollment in voice lessons and will hopefully continue to provide more opportunities for music education in Kansas City.  A portion of every lesson paid for at the Institute goes toward scholarships and providing free music education for Kansas City children and families.

Another exciting step in this process has been our 2010 KCVI Charity Auction.  Many celebrities from around the world have donated and have created scholarships in their name.  In turn, many have donated items to be auctioned and 100% of what is earned from the auction will go to support their individual scholarships.  The auction began November 26 and will continue until all the items have been auctioned.  The auction is online at and the first auctions will end December 5.

There has been substantial news coverage of the auction including press releases, newspaper write-ups, blog entries, and twitter posts.  Several media outlets covering the auction are USA Today, KC Star, Newsday, the Examiner, and Dallas Morning News.  The coverage has been so extensive that our website traffic has octupled and our internet presence doubled all within one week.  According to Google, our site's online presence and coverage now extends to almost a half-million unique sites!  Keep in mind, that the organization is not even five months old.  This has far exceeded our expectations, has energized our creative spirit, and because of this we will surely continue to find avenues to support music education.

The Institute has also developed Holiday Gift Certificates to be purchased online at  These are great gifts for any musician, child, spouse, or friend who loves to sing.  Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Thank you for your support of the Kansas City Vocal Institute.  If you are interested in supporting the Kansas City Vocal Institute or any of our scholarships, you may donate through and click the yellow "donate" button at the bottom of the screen.  You may also visit our auction page at and bid on items to further help support our scholarships.