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Monday, November 1, 2010

November 2010

The Kansas City Vocal Institute has had a very successful October.  The Institute has had increased enrollment, internet visibility, and donor contributions.  Much of this was unexpected because we anticipated enrollment to peak around the beginning of the school year.  Much of our internet exposure has been through press releases from events and new opportunities at the Institute.

In October, we began a new program of Online Voice Lessons.  These are very unique in that we are offering individual and personal lessons through online video submissions.  Besides KCVI, almost all of the online lessons offered on the internet are selling CDs or other software intended to help singers.  With our program, we are offering individual lessons at a very inexpensive price.  When a video is submitted to us, we give that video to a teacher who replies with a video response, directly applying individual music instruction over the internet.  This program is great for traveling professionals who want to remain connected with a voice instructor and for current voice students to remain connected to their private instructor between lessons.

New to the website is more information about our donors with their accomplishments.  Hopefully the Institute will be able to offer donors private pages to display statistically how they are helping the music community of Kansas City through their donations.  These pages will enable donors to see and hear from individual students who they are helping through their contributions and provide a more meaningful connection between the donor and scholarship recipient.  If you would like to see any specific elements within these donor sites, please send your ideas to

Because of a decrease in demand, the Institute is not offering composition lessons, but we continue to offer voice, diction, theory, and online lessons and voice lessons for children with our Loud and Proud music class.
The Loud and Proud music class for elementary age children has had their first concert and the next session has begun.  The Institute is still offering outreach programs to area high schools.  And new in November will be a charity auction featuring items from many famous musicians and others from around the world.  All the items featured in the auction have been donated by individuals some of whom are Tony Award winners, Academy Award winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, and many more.  Some items include an autographed script from an episode of Law and Order, autographed music from Eric Whitacre, autographed film scores from Star Wars, Avatar, and Toy Story, autographed poetry from Maya Angelou, and autographed baton from world famous conductor Zubin Mehta, and autographed books, pictures, albums, and artwork from many others including American Idol winner David Cook, opera singer Marilyn Horne, and actress Angelina Jolie.  These items were all donated by these individuals and the proceeds will go to their individual scholarships through the Kansas City Vocal Institute providing free or greatly discounted music education for children and families in the Kansas City metro area.  We will be announcing dates for the auction next week and the information will be posted on this blog.  Please check back soon for more information.  This will be a great way to find holiday presents for your family and friends all the while supporting scholarships that will go to provide free music education for children and families in the Kansas City metro area.

Thank you for your interest in the Kansas City Vocal Institute.